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〖Two〗、 Life is the biggest and thickest book. It is the most vivid and exciting one. It seems to be easy to understand, but in fact it is difficult to understand. Qin Zhaoyang


〖Four〗、 Life is a constant competition and self-transcendence. No matter what status you are and what you do, you need to invest all your money. Never have a"guest" mentality. It's the most inexpensive thing to get by. Xi Murong


〖Six〗、 There are thousands of forms of life, each person can only experience one. Envying the happiness of others is fantastic, even if you get it, you won't enjoy it. Gide


〖Eight〗、 Life is your art. You compose yourself into music. Your time is a son. Wilde


〖Ten〗、 Man's talent lies in making life happy, in brightening the dark environment of his life with brilliant colors.(Spain) Ibanes


1〖Two〗、 Life is a symphony. Every moment of life is a combination of several choruses.(France) Roman Roland


1〖Four〗、 Part of our life is made up of stupidity and part of wisdom. Montaigne


1〖Six〗、 Life likes to climb up the hill. Footprints are bright only at the peak. Life is a struggle, a passion to overcome dangers and obstacles.(Belgium) Verkhalen


1〖Eight〗、 Life is not just breathing, it is also an activity. It uses our body tissues, sensory awareness, organ functions, and all the knowledge that W makes us feel our existence. Rousseau


20、 Life is understanding. Life is to*** ile at reality, to look beyond obstacles into the future. Life is a balance on which you can measure good and evil. Life means having a sense of justice, truth and reason. It means being faithful, honest, honest, honest, honest and pure-minded, and attaching equal importance to rights and obligations. Life is knowing your value, what you can do and what you should do. Life is reason. Hugo


2〖Two〗、 Life is the wisest judge.(USSR) G. Markov


2〖Four〗、 Life is not just about sudden impulse and indomitable tenacity, but also about compromise and forgetting.(France) Utenal


2〖Six〗、 There are two kinds of people in the world, one is idling away his time; the other is living a meaningful life- in the eyes of the first kind, life is a sleep, if this sleep is in his view, sleeping on a soft and warm bed, he will be very satisfied; in the eyes of the second kind, life is to build achievements... In accomplishing this feat, one can achieve his own happiness.(Russia) to Linsky(Complete Poetry)


2〖Eight〗、 Conscience is a straight line, but life is a whirlpool. The whirlpool overhead creates haze or sunshine. Hugo


30、 Who can trust, honest friend, I can tell you: Trust life! It teaches better than speakers and books. Goethe


3〖Two〗、 Life is life. People should be taught to be self-restrained.(USSR) Kochetov


3〖Four〗、 Life is constantly changing. Sometimes it's dark and sometimes it's bright again.(De) Sweep


3〖Six〗、 Whoever pursues virtue is in life; Whoever does his best is called idleness instead of life. Ronald Herrick


3〖Eight〗、 Life has no bystanders. Goethe


40、 Life is like acting. Success does not depend on how long the plot is, but on how well the acting is. Senegal(Ancient Rome)


4〖Two〗、 The content of human life is human activities. The more activities one has in his life, the richer and fuller his life will be. The activities of diligent people are more than those of lazy people, so the content of diligent people's life is easier to enrich and enrich than that of lazy people. Feng Youlan


4〖Four〗、 Man has two kinds of life: his soul is like a rotating earth, half in the daytime and half in the night; half in the daytime, with music and clouds floating in the sky; half in the night, all sounds are silent and stars are shining.(America) A. Smith


4〖Six〗、 Don't complain about life to anyone, because words of comfort seldom contain what one wants to pursue. When a person struggles with things that interfere with his life, life will be fuller and more meaningful than anything else. In the struggle, the dull moments will fly away unconsciously. Gorky


4〖Eight〗、 A perfect life history, like a perfect life, is hard to find. Carlisle


50、 Life is a war. All rights belong to the winner!(France) Roman Roland


5〖Two〗、 Without poetry in mind, life will only become a bleak reality.(France) Balzac


5〖Four〗、 The most terrible thing in life is life.(Italy) Moravia


5〖Six〗、 Life should not be too rigid and rigid; our impulses should be allowed to play freely whenever possible without causing any positive damage or injury to others; there should be room for adventure. Russell


5〖Eight〗、 People who love life are not allowed to bite their souls by the gray snake of"nothingness" and allow it to inject the poison of"world-weariness". Liang Xiaosheng


60、 I think living in the world is the real realistic way of life.(Japan) Xiushu Tangchuan


6〖Two〗、 I find life exciting, especially when living for others. Helen Keller


6〖Four〗、 Life is like a boat on the waves, rocking, and like a path in the mountains, up and down.(Madagascar) Le Latemisa Laurison


6〖Six〗、 Life is our dictionary. Emerson


6〖Eight〗、 I think people can live interesting and useful lives at every time. We should not waste our lives, should be able to say:"I have done what I can do rather." People can only ask us to do so, and only in this way can we be a little happy. Mrs. Curie(Poland)


70、 Life is a very unpleasant joke, but it is not difficult to make it beautiful.(Russia) Chekhov


7〖Two〗、 We have to eat, sleep, play, love, that is to say, we have to touch the sweetest things in life, but we must not give in to them. Mrs. Curie(Poland)


7〖Four〗、 Life is really like this strong wine. It won't be so delicious without refining it three or five times!- Guo Xiaochuan


7〖Six〗、 The greatest goal in life is not knowledge but action. Huxley


7〖Eight〗、 When a person is vigorous, he never asks why he lives, but only lives for his own sake- it is a wonderful thing to live for his own sake.(France) Roman Roland


80、 The person who lives the most meaningful life is not the person who lives the most in his old age, but the person who feels the most about his life. Rousseau


8〖Two〗、 All one's life is ups and downs in high tide and low tide. Only mediocre people can lead a life like stagnant water.-- Fu Lei


8〖Four〗、 Life is a grand arena where everyone can compete for victory, but the rules of competition must be obeyed honestly. Pasternak


8〖Six〗、 As many people as there are in the world, there are many ways to live.(USSR) Ya Solzhenitsyn


8〖Eight〗、 Only those like me who love life, struggle and the construction of a new and better world madly, and those of us who have seen and understood the full meaning of life, will not die at will, even if we have only a little chance, and can not give up life. Ostrovsky


90、 Life is like a sea cucumber, you peel off layer by layer, there will always be a layer that will make you cry.(De) Diezgen


9〖Two〗、 Life is like God writing a novel. Let him write it freely.(USA) Isaac Bachevis Singh


9〖Four〗、 Life is a bus that never ends. When you buy a ticket and get on the bus, it's hard to say what kind of companion you will meet. Emerson


9〖Six〗、 Life itself is neither a curse nor a blessing; it is the container of curse and happiness, depending on what you turn it into. Montaigne


9〖Eight〗、 Shipwrecks can occur even on solid riverbeds. There are gains and losses in life. Goethe


100、 Life is a tragedy when you look at it in close-up, but life is a comedy when you look at it in long lenses. Chaplin



Open your eyes and give you a gentle blessing. May it bring you health, good luck and happiness every minute and every second.


It is self-evident that people who know you, and people who don't know you can't argue!


Our biggest mistake is to give the worst temper and the worst side to the closest people.


Learn to tolerate those who hurt themselves, because they are very poor, everyone has their own difficulties, everyone is not easy.


The most hurtful thing is that the person who made you feel special yesterday makes you feel dispensable today.


Most people are sad not because they lost, but because others got it.


Give me a hand to soothe my restlessness, give me a hug, let me rely on exhaustion.


Everyone has a scar in his heart. Time is the best medicine.


Light candles, use good sheets and wear gorgeous underwear. Don't use it on special occasions. Today is a special day.


Those sceneries from the windows, like pictures, gallop, can not grasp the hands, can not warm the heart.


When everything is quiet, suddenly found that habits are a terrible thing, people can not give up, forget.


Don't be angry, fight for it, see through it and make a breakthrough, procrastinate and take action.


Don't invite too many unrelated people into your life. There are some things you don't have to say to everyone.


Sometimes, we have to be strong, so in pretending to be strong, we really become stronger and stronger. It's true.


One day, when you look back suddenly, you will find that the one who gives you a lot of pain is also your salvation.


Stick to your dreams, listen to the advice of your predecessors, and make fewer mistakes.


Weather affects the body, the body decides the mind, and the mind controls the mood.


It's more cost-effective to spend time with one or two intimate friends than to talk about a few fruitless relationships.


Don't check your life. Present and make the best use of it now


If life strips away ideals, dreams and fantasies, then life is just a bunch of empty shelves.


Those who live for themselves are inferior; those who live for the opinions of others are insignificant; those who live for the happiness of others are noble.


When you are upset, remember three sentences: Come on, it doesn't matter, it will pass.


Clearly has been accustomed to loneliness, why still so greedy warmth.

It used to be too slow, but now it's too fast.

When the torch fell, the flame still went up.


Bathing in the beautiful and gentle morning sun, start a new day. Give a little soul sunshine, the soul will be brilliant.


Happiness is always short, there is no way to go to learn to be brave.


Youth is to fight, not to toss is to neglect oneself in the age of toss and turn, your passion has you to enjoy.


Truth is the product of time, not of authority.

Happiness comes from forgetfulness.


A person's best state is that his eyes are full of stories, but his face is not frosty. Do not envy or laugh at anyone.


When we know how to cherish ordinary happiness, we have become the winners of life.


If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you are not sure you can beat him.


If we throw our problems in a pile and look at others, we'll pick them up.


Life is an invisible savings tank, and every effort you put in will not be wasted.


There are three ways to be happy: willing, putting down and forgetting.


Always yearn for another life in one life, and then miss the present life, incidentally also lost the yearning life.


Don't let past sorrows or future worries ruin your present happiness.


How happy a person's appearance is, how many tears are there in his heart.


Life is too short to leave time for regret. If it's not the end, please keep smiling.


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