1. 热爱生活的格言英文句子
  2. 热爱生活的英文句子



Where there is life there is happiness.


Every man is the product of his past.


The consolidation of the beautifier of life, the society.


Should believe that he is the victor of life.


Life is a process to the tired of long.


It is in private life we found the great.


Whoever does not love, who can't understand life.


Understand life and love life happy is the man who is.


To living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.


Without great difficulty, there would be no great cause.


Pleasure in life is to gain a sense of preparation.


Activity of the world, many shortcomings, but it's still good.


The wisdom of life is that it probably ask a why.


The greatest satisfaction in life is to realize the obligations.


Don't know how to live, should be put to death as a good thing.


Strong confidence, can make the ordinary people to make amazing career.


If you have the courage to start to have the pride of success.


Life in the shining in gorgeous, in the ordinary real.


Any of a person's life, should be restricted by certain regulations.


The language into action, much more difficult than the actions into words.


When work is a kind of happiness, life is beautiful. When work is a duty, life is slavery.


Bumpy road you can see the hair donkey endurance, can be seen trouble in the life of the loyalty of friendship.


Superfluous wealth can only exchange for luxuries of life, the heart is don't need to use money to buy necessities.


No matter how much knowledge can be distinguished, if lack of enthusiasm, have no paper starts conceals.


Let's enjoy the taste of life, if we feel, the more we will live longer.


Weight to the person, knowledge achievement luster to the person, most people just saw the brilliance, and not to weigh weight.


Only walk in front of life, with their own labor to create a new life, to talk about the real beauty.


The whole meaning of life lifes in the continuous exploration has yet to know things, is constantly adding more knowledge.


There is only one true heroism in the world, that is to recognize the truth of the life after still love life.


To live the most meaningful, is not is the biggest age live people, but most feeling about life.


In order to better life, we must let everyone is equal, fully master of life.


Life is no choice, for it, you must meet love. The only choice is how to live.


Youth times cherish every moment, make it as maximum as possible in the limited life line light and heat.


Prosperity is not without many fears and disasters; Adversity is not without a lot of comfort and hope.


And old hide my life really, want to hide me and always will, however, I still love it.


There is no limit to the success of the business, it is the pursuit of a free end.


Life is endless enjoyment, permanent happiness and strong intoxication.


Impact time, forget, continue to live under the new situation.


Really the doctrine of the holy one is to make good use of life, make full use of life.


Is the meaning of life is to live full, and is not live long.


Investment knowledge is wise, in the network knowledge is more wisely.


Life only in bland is empty and bland.


Person's life is to try, try, the more the more beautiful life.


Live only in the insipid, is empty and bland.


Our life is only once, but if we can use it correctly, once is enough.


Life like this cup of liquor, without repeatedly refining oh, would not be so delicious!


To his own life on other people's memory, as long life.


Belief in the role of the human brain as alarm clock, when you need to wake you.


To live that way; Make your friends is not an enemy, make your enemies become friends.


I want; Righteousness, also I desire also. But if I cannot get both, give birth and take righteous one also.




Love life, life also loved him.


People with ideals, life is always hot.


Love born noble, losing its viewpoint to wipe?


If you want to dig Wells, we should dig into the water out.


Shortening is proportional to the ideological view of life.


Happy life is caused by a pleasant thoughts.


For the realization of the ideal life, the joy of life is abundant.


To living without an aim is like without a compass.


Comply with the code of ethics life is happiness of life.


The greatest danger in life is an empty heart.


Life is like a game, one wrong, everything to lose.


Life, this is the first book, which is important in all books.


Life in advance at the same time, it is in dying.


Life the most heavy burden is not working, but boring.


Also I need to failure, it is as valuable and successful.


Originally, life only have once, for who is precious.


Life is not return ticket, once started, can never return.


A man who knows life true meaning, can make the short life extension.


Happiness exists in life, but life exists in labor.


Have lost let it lose, at least no longer indulge in waiting.


Matter of the today do not wait tomorrow, don't wait others what he had done.


Dream is a kind of intelligence, realize the dream is a kind of ability.


The meaning of life is love, who wouldn't love, who can't understand life.


Happy life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.


Life can't have two times, but many people not even a good at spend.


There are two tragedy in life: one is desperation, the other is hopeful.


The value of life lies in creating, not create life, can only be called alive.


The value of life lies not in the length of time, but in how you use it.


A simple life, not only can make the spirits, and can cultivate revolutionary quality.


Arranged one should have a good life, to make each moment of time is meaningful.


Curious about life of comprehensiveness, the secret of success is still a great creative people.


Make a person's limited life, more effective, which is equal to extend the lives of people.


There is only one heroism in the world, that is to understand life and love life.


I always think, life itself should have a sense, we are by no means nothing to a.


The most important thing in the world, is not where we are, but what we moving in the direction.


Put every dawn as the beginning of life, see every evening as the summary of your life.


Is the meaning of life is to give, give, is not accepted, also is not fighting for.


Success need to cost, time is also a kind of cost, to cherish time is to cost savings.


Around like a magnet attracts iron powder, also can attract the people around you, change the situation around.


Life such as water, only in his jet and rushed forward, just beautiful, to be meaningful.


Had a good life, his time should do three parts: labor enjoyment to rest or recreation.


Life is pleasant, terror, beautiful, horrible, sweet, bitter and that is all.


The goodness of life is its rich and colorful, to make life interesting, to enrich it continuously.


Don't from special action to measure a man's virtue, and should begin from the daily life behavior to observe.


No one living in the past, and no one lives in the future, it is the only form of life indeed occupies.


Only intensify strong love for mankind, a necessary force to explore and understand the meaning of life.


Such is life, we must treat life, be brave, fearless, and with a big smile no matter what happens.


People are striving for the vulgar goal- property, vanity and luxury- I always feel is contemptible.


Everyone is born for a cause. Every walk on the ground, he in life to do duty.


There are only two lifestyle: decay or burning. Timid and greedy people choose the former, brave and the mind of people choose the latter.